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Readers' Favorite Five Star Review - Irene Valentine

Love's Legacy Five Star Review

Reviewed by Irene Valentine for Readers’ Favorite

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Love’s Legacy: Viscount Chateaubriand and the Irish Girl is a work of historical non-fiction by Daniel Fallon. “With heightened awareness, I realized that he was no longer a resource to answer any lingering questions I might have…” On the day of the burial of his beloved 80-year-old father, Daniel’s visit to Carlos Fallon’s study launched his own mission of discovery. An intriguing legacy re-told, possibly re-shaped, and shared in fabulous tales, the story begins in London sometime in the 1790s with 12-year-old Mary O’Neill. A gifted storyteller himself, Carlos Fallon had endowed his carefully preserved letters and files with great value. Forty years prior, Carlos had published an engaging autobiography that had enjoyed two printings. Now, these precious old documents have passed to his son, and Daniel traces his lineage back two hundred years to uncover the details of his connection to the famous French author and diplomat Francois-Rene’ de Chateaubriand. The author's commitment to educating Thomas Fallon has been a powerful force, impacting the life choices of generations.

The aptly titled Love’s Legacy drew me in from the first page. Daniel Fallon deftly explores the generations of his heritage, navigating history with tender objectivity. This engaging account highlights the value of education in developing a curious and creative mind. His ancestors adventurously embraced experiences of exile and exploration, which informed their philosophy on life and resulted in their living significant and enriched lives. I recommend Love's Legacy also for the sheer pleasure of its delicious wordsmithing. This story of five generations, delivered in a concise book with nothing extraneous, but with several historical documents and portraits, is a feat in itself. May this dedicated work of non-fiction prompt many to record and preserve their family history for their own Love's Legacy.

Readers Favorite Five Star Review
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Daniel Fallon
Amazonas Publishing First edition. | Santa Fe, New Mexico : Amazonas Publishing, [2021] 9781735999609
Amazonas Publishing First edition. | Santa Fe, New Mexico : Amazonas Publishing, [2021] 9781735999616