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Love's Legacy available for pre-order on Kindle!

Daniel with hardcover copies of Love's Legacy

The book is coming soon!

Publication date is August 15 – available for order at your local bookseller or through Amazon and at all usual outlets.

The publication date could be pushed back beyond August 15, depending on distributors and others, because:

A publication date for a book is usually set for many weeks beyond the point when the book is printed. This is partially to assure that distributors have time to get the book to booksellers, libraries, and other outlets. It also allows time for some reviews because certain publications will only review a book before the publication date.

If there is a change to the publication date, it will be posted here.

In the meantime, the book is currently available for pre-order as a Kindle Ebook, at $9.99. All pre-ordered Ebooks will automatically be sent to purchasers on the publication date. If you click on the “Buy Now” button on this website, you will be directed to the Amazon page where the Ebook can be pre-ordered.

There is no way for the hard copy of the book to be pre-ordered. The hard copy can only be ordered on or after the publication date.

History Magazine has requested an advertisement for the book for their Fall quarterly issue (August 1).

The book has been submitted for several prize and award competitions – most decisions take up to a year. Outcomes will be posted here.

Reviewers are now reading the book. We will post reviews here as we receive them.

The hard copy will retail for $25.00. Quantity discounts will be available, e.g., 5 to 9 copies at $18.75 per copy, 10 or more copies at $12.50 per copy.

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Daniel Fallon
Amazonas Publishing First edition. | Santa Fe, New Mexico : Amazonas Publishing, [2021] 9781735999609
Amazonas Publishing First edition. | Santa Fe, New Mexico : Amazonas Publishing, [2021] 9781735999616