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Viscount Chateaubriand and the Irish Girl

“Love’s Legacy” is a small book that packs a punch…Fallon brings characters to life and gives credence to their lives…I loved his last words…his acknowledgement of his ancestors and the people in their lives is heartwarming…awesome book cover…This is a book I would recommend to anyone who enjoys history and genealogy. I believe it is a book for young adults onward.
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Ashley Hooker — Reader Views

Daniel Fallon’s book details his painstaking research…an informed, intelligent study that’s part history, part mystery. By nailing down ‘the Fallon affair’ the volume makes a real contribution to Chateaubriand scholarship…. The legend of the Irish girl adds a romantic layer…. An engaging historical treasure hunt with some intriguing findings.

— Kirkus Reviews

…a delightful reading experience - part mystery, part family saga…gives the reader a few universal truths to ponder…gem of a story deserves to be read and savored!

Sandy — Goodreads

…at once a romance, a memoir, and a genealogical mystery… Love’s Legacy entertains, educates, and is an especially revealing, good read highly recommended for a wide audience.

D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer — Midwest Book Review

Interesting is the author’s approach…imagination that lets him shape his discoveries…Love’s Legacy should appeal to any reader interested in history or genealogy.

Blueink — Review

Love’s Legacy is exciting…fascinating questions are raised…the writing is clear and direct…its pace makes it suspenseful…the narrative action is historical detective work about the nature of truth and the legacy of education.

Michele Sharpe — Foreword Clarion Reviews

Historic nonfiction with a romantic twist…a bewitching journey of love, pain, and discovery…unfailingly clear and engaging…presented with academic rigor and a storyteller’s élan…a lively dive into French history, family legend, and storied lover and writer.

Booklife Review — Published in Publisher’s Weekly, issue of September 20, 2021

…drew me in from the first page…engaging account…I recommend Love’s Legacy also for the sheer pleasure of its delicious wordsmithing…this story of five generations is a feat in itself.
Readers’ Favorite Five Star Review

Five Star Review — Readers’ Favorite, Review #2 (Irene Valentine)

…a true-life mystery tour…incredibly readable and exciting…an air of discovery and excitement in every page…kept me totally enthralled…I can highly recommend this read.
Readers’ Favorite Five Star Review

Five Star Review — Readers’ Favorite, Review #1 (Grant Leishman)

What a delightful, informative, and moving read this is! Part biography, part literary history, part family chronicle, and part journey of discovery and self-discovery, Love’s Legacy tells the story of the great French romantic writer François-René de Chateaubriand, the extraordinary origins and history of the cosmopolitan and peripatetic Fallon family, the author’s love for his father, and, ultimately, the mystery at the heart of a family’s past—all recounted in a crisp, lively, and elegant prose. Most highly recommended.

Richard J. Golsan — University Distinguished Professor and Distinguished Professor of French, Texas A&M University

In this delightful genre-bender of a memoir, a distinguished scholar sets out to verify or disprove a family legend that links him—perhaps through a suppressed scandal—to the great French writer Chateaubriand. Daniel Fallon’s enthralling true story of his quest and its outcome is at once a literary-historical romp, a suspense tale with a twist ending, a love letter to his colorful forebears, and a resonant meditation on the meaning of legacy and inheritance.

Amy E. Schwartz — Opinion and book editor, Moment Magazine, and award winning former editorial writer and oped columnist, The Washington Post

Daniel Fallon’s extraordinary tale of Chateaubriand’s early life in exile in England during the French Revolution captures the ambivalent feelings of a young French aristocrat in love but also draws on the author’s personal fascination with Chateaubriand. This work of literature is both biography based on rigorous scholarship and a fanciful exploration of the ‘what ifs’ of life. Love’s Legacy has all the ingredients of a good read: charm and wit in equal measure, intrigue, and even suspense. It will astound and thrill anyone, surely inspiring some to read or reread well-known works by the great French romantic writer.

Tom Conner — Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures, St. Norbert College, and author of Chateaubriand’s Mémoires d’outre-tombe: Portrait of an Artist in Exile

By presenting an absorbing arc of ancestry, Daniel Fallon reveals a side of Chateaubriand too little recognized, yet as instructive to students of the influential French romantic writer, politician, and diplomat as it is compelling to today’s reader of biography.

Steven Mansbach — Distinguished University Professor and Professor of Art History and Archaeology, University of Maryland at College Park

Daniel Fallon
Amazonas Publishing First edition. | Santa Fe, New Mexico : Amazonas Publishing, [2021] 9781735999609
Amazonas Publishing First edition. | Santa Fe, New Mexico : Amazonas Publishing, [2021] 9781735999616